10 Make Up Tricks that Will Make You a Beauty Genius

The question is not what the products you use does for you, the real question is: What can you do with your beauty products that will make you a beauty genius?

There are tons of reasons to maximize the product we often use for makeup. Here are 10 things you should perhaps consider doing or try to add value and versatility to our product. It’s easy and surely a money saving tricks to do.




Mix Something on your Concealer

You can make some simple DIY for this. Mix in your eye concealer with your liquid highlighter to have your own brightening concealer. You can do two parts concealer and 1 part highlighter or the other way around. Depending on what you prefer.

Re-Use your Mascara Brush

Save extra money from buying expensive mascaras just to maximize your old cheaper one. Almost everything about mascara brush is plastic; all you need to do is to clean it gently to maintain its good quality. It’s easy to do and you can definitely save money.

Make your Own Liquid Eyeliner

You can do this by simply mixing eye drops with your eye shadow to create your own customized liquid eye liner. Eye drops are safe to use because it is sterile and are used specifically for eye cleansing.

Using a bronzer for Eye Shadows

I do this almost all the time, and definitely can save money out of it. I use bronzers as a transition color for my eye shadow and it really works for me and spare me more to do multitask. It is indeed awesome.

Presenting Smudged Eyeliner

You can prevent smudged eyeliner by just drawing the eyeliner directly onto your brush and create a smooth line. This is easy, quick and for me the best way rather than lining and then smudging. Again it saves a lot of time and effort.

Using face oil to revive yourself after a long day

All you need is your wet beauty blender and dip it into facial oil or a moisturizer to revive your make and still glow after a long day. Focus on the highest points of your face specially the cheek bones. You will surely be surprised by the result.

Use a Concealer as an Eye Primer

Instead of spending extra money as an eye primer you can save it by using a concealer instead. I always do this not unless eye primer is badly needed. It covers up your veins and in unwanted discoloration and gives your shadow something to set contrast.

Create a Perfect Line

You can use a business card to create a perfect line you want. Draw a line along the outer corner of your eye upward by using a business card in perfect angle. You almost have a perfect line every time, just try it and you’ll surely get it straight.

Make your Own Lip Scrub

There is no need to spend money for a lip scrub. Instead, you make it your own. Multiply the effect of by dipping your finger in olive oil, then follow it sugar, white or brown will do, and then scrub it across your lips. Top it up with a lip bum, and then you have perfect pouty lips.





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