Hey Pretty,

Since I started learning to use and apply make up, I could not detach myself on that obsession. Back in the day, I remember when I have to hide mom’s make up and apply them on my face no matter how messy I get. My mom will just be surprised after seeing how my face is painted with lipsticks and eye shadows.

I think that’s where it all began. I love seeing how mom painted her lips with her favorite red lipstick, how she evenly apply foundation on her face and neck and how she managed to get her puffy eyes turned into smoky and tantalizing eyes. Everything just looks perfect and I really idolize her work. (All the time.)

That is where I got my obsessions (maybe) with make ups. I know there are a lot of young ladies out there who (like me) want to experiment with make ups, hence, I am putting together this blog to share with you my tips, my favorites, tutorials and/or everything in between getting pretty and being confident.

Stay Pretty!

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