Easy Steps to Enhance Your Eyelashes

Teaching women on how put on their eyeliner seems to be always an exciting topic. It means women tend to focus more on their eyes as it is the one asset that sets every type of accent apart.We all have different eye colors and therefore we have to match it with different eyelashes color.

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This is know as tightlining or some prefer calling it lash enhancement.  This process help create a more fuller eyelashes look. Applying color to the root base of our lashes gives a good definition to our eyes without overdoing it, and it amazingly works to any women in her age.

Here are few steps on how to enhance your lashes, also in this article i will include different colors that you can apply to match perfectly to your eye color.

First, Applying a primer or a shadow base to eyelids first should be done first before doing any lash enhancement will give a good foundation to focus on before before you put in any color enhancement. Though would doing it after enhancing their lashes, I prefer to the base first for best results.

Next, using a flat stiff brush, you now have to wet it over with an eyeliner sealer. then gently tap it into a matte to pick up the product.  You can also use water but take note that you may experience smudging all throughout the day.

Apply the color by tapping into the root of your eyelashes below and above the lash line. In case you make a mistake, clean it up with a pointed Q-Tip.

Finally,by tapping into the root of your lashes you can now carefully apply the color below and above the lash line. If get messed up, use a clean pointed sanitary napkin to clean it and then start over again.

You can always choose different type of colors that match perfectly to your eye color. you don’t want to mix match it.There should always be color that matches perfectly any occasion or depending on your attire or the dress you wear.


Here are some guidelines to give you different ideas on what color that fits and match perfectly for you. Choosing an eye shadow makes a big difference on how you would look like over all.

For blue eyes, you can choose from

Navy – Grey – Deep Purple – Brown – Black

For Green Eyes

Green – Eggplant -Brown – Black

And for the brown beauties, you truly have the luxury to choose any color and still match it perfectly. oh, how I wish I’m brown eyed.

Enhancing your eyelashes could be a little hard and should take a little practice to get it done perfectly. So you better get started doing it yourself now. Follow these simple steps on how to enhance your eyelashes.

I bet you would love the result if have done it on your own perfectly. Or perhaps you call on your friends to come over and have a little eyelashes color enhancing experiment.

i’m pretty sure you will truly enjoy it.

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