Easy Steps to Look Naturally Beautiful

Going simply natural does not mean taking yourself for granted and never to put anything to enhance your beauty. Natural beauty will prevail without having too much on your face. Keeping yourself away from heavy piles of makeup is one good benefit of it. Sometimes we just have to give our skin a little time to breathe through and strip down a bit from our daily makeup routine.

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Here are four easy steps to make you perfectly beautiful without using piles of concealers and heavy blush on or bother putting extra effort curling your hair or pulling your eyelashes.

All you need to do is to follow these easy steps for barely-there makeup. It will surely turn your face into a simply glowing, elegant and naturally beautiful you.

1. Setting up your natural bloom with a minimal make up start with a smoothly hydrated face.  Using an oil free primer as your base in your             early morning skincare routine and moisturizing cream will help you cool your skin. Thus,   locks-in your natural moisture and prepares               your face for light foundation.

  1. Applying foundation mixed with your moisturizer, will give you a natural glow without a thick coverage of makeup. It will help you smoothen your face and achieve a perfectly even skin tone. And you don’t even have to bother applying face mask at all, just simply make things easy and look natural. It’s how you make yourself comfortable that truly matters the most.
  1. Using an eye shadow close to your skin tone  will surely bring a dramatic effect. Forget about shimmers and focus on lining your eyes. Using a gel liner will perfectly create a good definition unlike pencil or a liquid liner that breaking to much thickness and pretty much throw your desired natural look. Apply a single stroke of your mascara and get on to the next step. Simplifying your makeup will surely save more time to do other important things.
  1. Use a light blush on if you want to achieve a simple glow. Stick with a natural lipstick from your stash, using your middle finger gently run it across for a light smooth touch. And finally tap your bottom and top gently, rub it together and tap again, take a glance at the mirror with a little pointed pout y lips then you’re ready to go. Now you are ready for your barely natural face transformation.

That’s basically all you need to wear a natural beautiful face. Get off the streets and feel great to look naturally elegant with your new makeup transformation. It’s perfect for sunny summer days or any light occasions. Being bold and simple brings out your inner glow. So better get on your feet and try these few helpful tips to look naturally beautiful.


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