Easy Ways To Apply Bronzers

We might think that loading up bronzer will make us look perfectly tan, or presumably, we think that the solution to these problems is to again pile up heavy bronzers. Well  I honestly say that it’s not quite right.

Bronzers probably are the most misused make product there probably is.  We’ve seen it all, bronzer can actually make things in a disaster if used un-properly.  However, if used right, it surely will make you looked  perfectly healthy liked sun-kissed skin glow.


Bronzer are not applicable to use for everyone, I should say.  If you already have a tan complexion, definitely, there’s is no need for you to take on more tanning bronzers. It would only make you look bad , and worst of all, it can come off looking dirty. Always come to mind to carefully choose the perfect bronzers for your skin tone. The ideal bronzers is one that is not more than 1-2 shades darker than your skin tone. Take note of that.

So here are the easy ways to apply bronzers.

Bronzes should be applied only portions of the entire surface. Those who have oily skin, you have to be cautious on putting on your bronzers on your face because it will oxidize when exposed to too much heat or sunlight the whole day through. and it will turn out to shades darker than when you applied it.  Consider where you are too exposed with the sun, that part of your face like the forehead or cheeks are more exposed than under your chin, so therefore you should focus on applying bronzers on that area.

Again do not over apply it, it will alter the complexion of your skin tone. Of course you don’t want to end up looking like a walking fried chicken out on good summer day.

Lastly, always consider the color of your entire skin. I mean, if your skin tone of your neck downwards is darker than of your face, put a little more than enough to level the skin tone all over your body. You don’t wanna look like a zebra walking around. You should look ahead on how you would look like as a whole. don’t just focus on one part of your body, you shade make it completely fair.

So there you go, follow these easy ways to apply bronzers, and enjoy the heat of the sun and the rest of the summer without worrying about how you look like. The key to perfect skin tone is not how dark or light your tan is, but how perfectly fair your skin is and how you would like if exposed under the sun  in a long period. Now that you have these ideas on how to achieve a perfect tan, you can now do it on your own now.

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