Helpful Tips To Maximize Your Eyelashes

Our eyes are said to be the windows of our soul, therefore, it’s really important to make them look inviting all the time. On the other hand, our lashes should be in good shape at all times because it is one of the most important features of our eyes.


Whatever you may desire, it may be barely natural look or high spirited, an enticing perfectly curled lash will make your eyes look more attractive to anyone. You should be aware that the type of lashes you use will surely affect the way you look.

Longer lashes appear to be heavy while bold lashes look faint. The thing is, it’s the product tool that can really make the transformation you wanted to achieve. You may think that holding your eyelashes curler for a longer period will make any difference to sustain your lashes in an upward position.

Now, here are three tricks that will surely help you get on top of the game with your eyelashes. It’s time to say hello for a new you.

First, you need to warm it up a little bit, surely you can spend some penny to warm up your eyelashes but why spending all that money if you can do it on your own? All you need is a good pair of curlers that will fit perfectly for you. Before using your curler, you have to run it in a hot water to heat up the metal and pad, then carefully place your eyelashes inside the curler and gently curl it as you normally do. Just like using a hair curler, heating it up before using it will make your lashes more dramatic in a short period.

Then, maintenance is the key make your curler perform its best. You should change the pad from time to time to make it work perfectly. Anything that we are using needs a good maintenance including the pads of your curler which we can use and change every 3 – 6 months period. The pads of your curler after excessive use may get smashed at the center, or get torn over time. That may lead to poor performance the way they curl your precious eyelashes. That’s why you have to change them regularly.

And lastly, curling your eyelashes straight down and squeezing it for a second and then move it gently to the tips of your eyelashes and hold it for three seconds, while you are lifting the base of your eyelashes curler close to your face. It basically will feel like pressing your curler closer to your eyelid which eventually heightens the curl of your eyelashes and give it a stronger hold for a longer period.

Now it’s your turn to try on your own these few helpful tips to maximize your eyelashes curls.  Enjoy and get ready for a transformation.




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